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Belmore Child Care

Leylands Learning Centre is a family-owned long day care centre located on 8 Leylands Pde, Belmore NSW 2192. We cater for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old to the local community of Belmore, Campsie, Lakemba and all surrounding suburbs.

We believe the early childhood years to be the most important years in a child’s life. These years are the time the brain develops and much of its “wiring” is established. Providing responsive, nurturing and stimulating experiences establish the wiring of the brain connections. Children who are well supported and nurtured physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually will develop a multitude of neural connections that will serve them well throughout their life course. With this important belief in mind, we aim to provide high quality childcare services to children under our care.

The centre is an approved Childcare Centre by the NSW Department of Education. Parents can claim for Australian Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) through our service. We are also a registered provider of the NSW Inclusion Support Program.

Our Philosophy:

Diversity and Respect. We believe that each child, family and educator is an unique and valued individual. We value diversity and respect differences in other people. We believe each person and their family’s values, cultures, beliefs, abilities and language should be respected and reflected in the service’s environment.

Play is important. We believe that play is essential in the lives of young children, and they learn most effectively through play. We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, comforting and challenging. We believe it is important to provide opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, take risks, solve problems and express ideas with the support of the educators.

Children’s interests. We believe Children’s Interests should form the foundations of our educational program. We believe in providing children with opportunities to discover and learn about themselves, so that they feel a sense of belonging in our environment and are encouraged to learn. We also believe children should be supported to meet their developmental milestones and use intentional teaching to help children to become involved in play and build on interests and ideas that they observe. Educators should make deliberate, well-planned decisions to support learning through children’s social interactions with a range of partners.

Community and family. We believe in building a community that values children, respects their rights and gives them love. We believe our community are the children, their families, the educators and all people and services Leylands Learning Centre has made connections with. As part of this community, we have a responsibility to develop partnerships with families so children can feel secure and a sense of belonging in our service, and the educational program can be tailored to children’s needs.

Sustainable environment. We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to and love of the land, nature and animals are critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitudes to our environment, and to ensure our sustainable future. We believe in giving children time to play outdoors every day when possible, to give them the opportunities to feel the sun on their face, experience the natural rhythms of the seasons and breathe fresh air. We believe this is essential to children’s wellbeing and development.

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